If you’d like to change what data you share with us and how it is being used, you have options!

To do so, you can simply go to the Overwolf client settings → Privacy tab, and turn the different toggles on/off as you wish.

Performance and stability data

Data related to performance and stability allows us to better understand the capabilities of each system and how we can optimize our client to better suit them, make the Overwolf client as sleek and lightweight as possible, and generally improve and catch some nasty bugs!

The data collected here includes details on the hardware you use, how your system performs when playing games (e.g. CPU%, GPU%, FPS, Ping), and crash reports for stability purposes.

Turning this feature off will stop sending these metrics to us and therefore reduce our ability to optimize our client for systems such as the one you’re using right now.

This may cause your Overwolf experience to become less awesome than it can optimally be!

Data that is used to improve and customize Overwolf for you

Customization data is used to make Overwolf more suited for your needs. We use this data to give you recommendations that are relevant to you, and include you in testing new features that could make Overwolf even more epic!

The data collected here includes the apps you use, the games you play, video capture preferences, experiments you participate in, etc.

Turning this feature off will exclude you from our secret feature experiments that can enhance your experience in the future, and eventually, make the Overwolf experience better for you.