The CurseForge team is here to help with any issues you may be having with the website, uploading and reviewing a project you have uploaded, or resolving your Reward Program concerns. One thing we can not do, however, is provide support on specific projects that are provided through CurseForge. 

If you run into a question that concerns a specific project, such as how the mod/addon works in-game, you will need to reach out to that project's author. And, luckily it's a simple process!

Please be respectful when contacting a mod author directly. You can't expect them to help you with your issue if you're mean to them!


  • Navigate to[author's username here] i.e. 
  • Click on the "Message" button in the top-right corner

  • Draft your message and select "Send Message"

  • If the author replies, you'll get that message in your PM inbox

Another way of contacting authors is through the channels they publish in their projects, such as Discord servers, websites etc. These will usually be mentioned in the project description. 

Please remember that the author might not be available and does not have the context of your issue or request. Spamming in or out of the CurseForge platform is a punishable offense, so treat authors respectfully to avoid inconveniences.