Modding is fun, it customizes games and it makes for a new and better gaming experience overall.
As creators, you put in hard work into making your creations, and your project page is the best place to showcase that for millions of users to enjoy.
Your project page is the face of your creation - make it count!
If you're looking for inspiration - take a look at the popular projects in the category you're creating in, more often than not their project page is just as impressive as their mod or addon!

In this article you will find guidelines, tips and helpful suggestion to not only ensure your project passes moderation, but that it succeeds in reaching more users.

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Main Submission Page ▾

  • Game ▾

    Which game is the project for? Choose from the dropdown menu.
    If it's not in the list, open a ticket and request a new game!

  • Game Category ▾

    Some games have multiple game categories. Tag the relevant one. Not sure about it? Why not consult with peers in the Discord server for advice!

  • Name ▾

    This should be a unique and distinct name, so make sure to check if a project with the same or highly similar name already exists.
    Avoid version numbers, including the category name (mod/modpack/addon...) or excessively long names in general.

  • Summary ▾

    A summary is a one line explanation that offers the gist of what your creation offers.
    Share what your project does, not who created it, what version or server it is intended for.

  • Description ▾

    The Description is an opportunity to tell the story behind you creation. What makes it unique, what experience does it provide. You can embed images and videos or mention notable mods.
    This is also the place to share your socials and invite users to join your community if you'd like, add credit to whom it's due and add functional instructions for installing or running your creation.
    The Description is the most open section in the project submission process, however you should consider the dos and don'ts mentioned in the moderation policies.

    Note: Partnership affiliations and donation links - You may add Server Hosting partnerships links or banners if you have any but keep them civil in size and visual presence. Keep the users in mind!
    Ditto with donation sites. Additionally, avoid advertising paywalled features available for donators. What you do in the donation site is your concern and liability.

  • WYSIWYG/Markdown ▾

    These are the two text-editor options that you can choose from. If you are not sure which to use, we recommend the default WYSIWYG (which stand for 'What You See Is What You Get').

  • License ▾

    Choose from a list of available licenses or write your own with 'Custom'. You can refer to the link available next to this dropdown menu to learn more about licenses.

    Attention! If you are forking/porting a project or remaking it - please make sure the license of the original project allows it, and if it requires your license to follow suit (such as GNU License).

    Note that if ported/forked projects are available in additional repositories and there is a conflict between licenses, our moderation refers to the license as it appears in the CurseForge project page.

    After you choose a license, the full license terms will appear below the dropdown menu for you to review.

  • Main Category ▾

    This should be the outright distinctive category of your creation, so users can easily expect what they're going to get with a quick glance, or by filtering.
  • Other Categories ▾

    If there are more relevant categories, mark them up so users can easily find them when filtering by category. You can choose up to 5 additional categories, but you can also leave this empty.

  • Avatar ▾

    This is your projects visual representation - So why not make it cool and stand out?!
    This should be at least minimum 400*400 px (1:1 scale) image file. Anything larger will be downscaled to the appropriate size.
    This cannot be a single colour blank square, and should be your original graphic, meaning that it should not use an existing project avatar, nor a generic game graphic such as the game's logo etc.
    Your avatar can include the name of your project, but it doesn't have to!

    You should probably have this ready before you start the submission process. You can choose the file with a simple File Explorer that will open once you click 'Choose File'.

  • Primary Language ▾

    This refers to the mod's or addon's language in-game.
    Note that even if your project is not in English - you must still include English in your summary and description!

  • Additional Settings ▾

    * Allow Comments Toggle - We encourage creators to enable a communication channel with users for feedback, requests and bug reporting. If you prefer to toggle off comments, we suggest adding links and referring your audience to an alternative option within the description.

    * Experimental - This means the project will not sync with the CurseForge ecosystem. This option is recommended mostly for experienced authors who understand the benefits and limitations of this project type.
    You can read more about this, as well as how you can submit an experimental project to 'non-experimental' status from your project page here.

And that's it!
Your Project will now head over to moderation, where several automated and manual processes are run to make sure your project follows our standards.
If your project requires changes, you will receive more specific instructions which you can access in your notification area, or head over to

More Options (once your project is created) ▾

  • Reward Program ▾

    Your projects can earn you rewards! If you want to join the reward program, make sure to set it up. Read more about that here.
  • Images ▾

    In-game screenshots with the mod enabled are a great way to quickly display what your creation is all about. You can also upload images to highlight UI instructions to enable the mod or addon. You can add image files using the Image buttonand following the instructions there.
  • Files ▾

    You can add the mod files using the file button and following the instructions there.

Managing Your Project ▾

Clicking the orange 'Manage Project' button will allow you to edit your page, as well as additional non-mandatory fields.

Note - only project owners or members with access can edit these segment.

  • Donation links ▾

    You can add your PayPal or Patreon links here, making donations one click easier, in a visible area.
  • Wiki ▾

    If your project has a wiki entry, this is where you can link it.
  • Issues Tracker ▾

    You can use the internal tracker (on CurseForge), or an external one if your project is on GitHub, or any other tracker website service.
  • Source ▾

    If your code is up and available in other sites and you want people to have access to it, this option is for you!
  • Members ▾

    Add other CurseForge users that are part of the project, assign them a role and permissions so they get recognition, access and reward points split.
  • Delete Project ▾

    While it's sad to see a project go, this is the place to do so should you wish. There are other options if you simply don't want a project to sync to the system anymore, read about those here.