Burning Crusade Classic is here and we are here to help you transition smoothly! In this guide we'll cover the main changes and how they will affect your addon experience using the CurseForge app.

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What's new?

Following the news from Blizzard there are now 3 main WoW instances available:

  • Retail
  • Classic Era (A.K.A. Classic)
  • Burning Crusade Classic (A.K.A. BCC)

As of May 19th, 2021, Classic has progressed into Burning Crusade Classic, which means there is a 'New' classic version called Classic Era.
You can now browse, download and manage your addons for all instances installed.

Updating your addons for BCC

When opening the app for the first time after you updated your game from Classic to BCC, a lot of your addons are likely to still be set as "Classic" versions. This will be represented by a warning icon next to each addon name that is not yet updated. Read more about this below.

To get the BCC supported ones, you can update your addons one at a time or simply use the "Update All" button.
We'll also prompt you with this option when you first open the instance in the app.

Which of my addons support BCC?

Some authors have already updated their addons, others will do so soon while other still might not be relevant for the new instance. Keep an eye for the orange update button next to the addon name, as addon updates by authors are frequent in the days following pre-patches and public releases! 

Note that some addons will work in-game even if they appear as 'corrupt'.

What about Classic addons?

You have a choice to continue playing Classic WoW through your Blizzard account.
If you plan to keep playing "Classic", we recommend that you backup your Classic addons folder before updating your addons for BCC , and paste them into the new "Classic" folder location once you've downloaded it from the Blizzard launcher.

Note that the CurseForge app should detect it automatically. You might have to restart the app for this. If you still can't see your instance in the dropdown menu on the top-right hand side, head over to Settings panel and choose Scan computer for Games

"This addon might be corrupt" Warning

You may notice this warning message for certain addons that you currently have installed. This warning indicates that the installed addon are the Classic version ones, and do not match the game's current instance - BCC. Alternatively, there may be something wrong with the addon's files.

To resolve this issue, simply right click the addon and choose 'Reinstall' (or 'Update'):

If reinstalling the mod didn't help, please delete it, make sure you are currently set on the right instance (if you have more than one installed), search for the addon and install it again. If you are unable to find the addon when searching for it, it means that it's not available for your currently set instance, and is meant to be installed for a different one.

Need help resolving the 'corrupt' warning? Contact us and we will do our best to assist you!

How will this affect authors?

In short - it won't. We've already enabled authors to upload and properly tag addons for BCC, and many have already submitted updated versions that users can use from the word 'Go!'.

Authors can choose to add files into existing projects, or create new projects altogether for adapted version of the addon.
If you find that the new versions are missing or found bugs - you can usually find a dedicated issue tracker to submit your finding, or contact the authors directly via communication channels they share on the project pages.