There are certain automated processors and systems checks that may reject your files before they reach manual moderation for review.
In this article we would like to explain these rejection messages and suggest the required corrections before resubmitting.

Note - Sometimes the rejection error message is incorrectly generated for different reasons (incorrect system errorID), or the solution simply doesn’t work. In either case please create a support ticket and share the exact rejection message you received, as well as the file you submitted.

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Rejection Message


File is a duplicate / File is a duplicate of AutoBanPlus

  • Accidentally uploaded your own file twice
    ------------------------ Or ---------------------------
  • Tried uploading a file that was already uploaded and was approved or rejected for another user.
    ------------------------ Or ---------------------------
  • The upload failed during the process (network timeout), or a empty (0 bytes) file was submitted

Please make sure you choose the correct folder that contains the correct files. If you are trying to upload a file that you believe someone uploaded incorrectly please create a support ticket.

Minecraft Java Errors

Rejection Message


Invalid file extension, expected zip

  • Resubmit the file in a zipped folder.
    ------------------------ Or ---------------------------
  • The Main File contains a zipped file. Only the Main File should be zipped (no zip inside zip).

Missing fingerprint for "manifest.json" file

  • Modpack is missing a manifest.json file.
    ------------------------ Or ---------------------------
  • manifest.json file is invalid.

For both cases try exporting again using the CurseForge app and resubmitting.

Internal/unexpected fingerprinting error

  • An empty file was submitted.
    ------------------------ Or ---------------------------
  • One of the files included in the modpack was removed from CurseForge.

Invalid mod loader XYZ[Forge/Fabric] (where XYZ is the wrong modloader used)
------------------- Or ---------------------

Invalid Fabric mod loader id X

  • The manifest.json file is missing a modloader.
    ------------------------ Or ---------------------------
  • The manifest contains an unknown modloader.

For both cases try exporting again using the CurseForge app and resubmitting.

Error parsing manifest.json

Modpack is missing manifest.json file.
Try exporting again using the CurseForge app and resubmitting.

Invalid manifest: References Project ID X, should be Y

The ProjectID of the manifest.json is not the same as the actual

 ProjectID of your project.

Unhandled exception occurred processing file fingerprints.

Your project contains a file or folder which includes a special character such as ¶ ,§, —  etc. Try removing all non-English and numerals and resubmitting.

MD5 Conflict messages

Your project unique identifier matches an existing project. This happens when a project is a copy of an existing project on CurseForge, which usually occurs when an incorrect, empty file or folder is submitted. Check you chose the correct file and resubmit.

File is not a valid resource or texture pack

File contains blacklisted files, extensions or directories.
------------------------ Or ---------------------------
Files containing '___macosx' and 'DS_Store' are also rejected with this error. These files are typically generated through macOS default compressor/archiver. Try using a third party compressor and re-uploading the file.

Plugins must be uploaded in JAR format.

File contains .zip file inside the main file folder. This is most common when a Resource Pack was added.
------------------------ Or ---------------------------
File contains emojis, no- Latin characters, or special symbols in one or more of the file names.  

Minecraft Client Errors 

(project appears on website but not on the CurseForge App)

Rejection Message


Invalid file reference in manifest: File ID X references projectID Y, which appears more than once.

Modpack depends on two or more files of the same project.
Check your mod folder to verify there aren't multiple instances of a mod.

Invalid file reference in manifest: File ID X does not exist.

Your Modpack references a mod that is not available on CurseForge. Remove it, and export again.

File X is invalid for modpack Y with mod loader Z

Your modpack references a dependency of a file that isn’t compatible with the modpack’s modloader.