Issues with the Forge modloader can be identified in two ways:

  1. The error message "Forge Modloader installation failed"
  2. The error message "An error occurred while executing Forge install command. Exit code: 1"
  3. The 'Install' buttons for modpacks turn grey after clicking them, and the modpacks don't get installed

First, please try relaunching the app and repairing the Minecraft installation:

If that doesn't fix it, try the following solutions in this article.

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Reinstalling the App

Try to reinstall the app.
This will not affect any mods/content that you already have installed, they will remain as they were.


Make sure that Overwolf/CurseForge are not getting blocked by your firewall.

If you have any antivirus programs running, please temporarily disable or close them and check if the issue is resolved.

Other programs, like Killer Network, can also affect the modloader's installation process, so please try to temporarily close or disable them.


If you have a proxy connection set up on your system, please try to temporarily disable it to check if it has any effect on the issue. You will need to make sure both "Use setup script" and "Use a proxy server" are disabled.

Windows 10

Windows 11

Hosts File

Follow Microsoft's guide, How to reset the Hosts file back to the default.


Try to temporarily disable any VPN programs you have running, as they may interrupt the connection required for CurseForge to install the necessary Java or Forge files.

Private Relay (macOS)

If you're using CurseForge on macOS, try to temporarily disable the Private Relay option located under iCloud.


Try the following:

  1. Reinstalling/updating Java
    You can find the latest Java version here:

  2. Setting your Java path in the app's settings
    1. Locate your Java installation path:

    2. Open the app's Minecraft settings, and scroll all the way down
    3. Under 'Java version used for installing Forge modloader' click 'Select':

    4. Open the installation path, as identified in step 1, select the Java.exe file and click 'Open':

    5. If set successfully, you should see the 'CurseForge Default' text has changed:

These solutions didn't help?

Please contact us (don't forget to add your logs!) and we'll get right on it!