What is CurseForge Pro?

CurseForge Pro is our new Author support program on CurseForge. It allows you the creator to offer unique benefits to your subscribers, and allows your community to directly support you and help you grow!
With the ability to fully customize your profile page to match your own unique style, you will have the tools you need to thrive and grow your brand. Not only will this enable the community to grow stronger, but it will also give creators the opportunity to continue doing what they love with their community's support.

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How do I join CurseForge Pro as an author?

To learn about how to setup your author page and perks for CurseForge Pro, read our how-to guide

What benefits can I offer my subscribers?

There are different benefits you can offer your subscribers such as: Discord perks(roles, channel access, etc.), Insight and ability to vote on/influence what you'll be making next, and even early access to your content!*

You no longer need to manage your creations in multiple portals. You can setup Early Access on CF Pro, and at the end of that period your file will automatically go live to all gamers on CurseForge. In addition you can manage your community perks here as well.

*depending on the relevant game's EULA/TOS.

Where can players find my CurseForge Pro content?

Players can find your early access content and other perks you offer in your profile page by simply clicking on your username anywhere in the website. They will be redirected to the new profile page that includes your packages.

Downloading any early access content they are subbed to is currently available from the profile page only, by scrolling down and filtering your projects by "Early Access".

Downloading directly from the website or client is coming soon.

How are my subscribers charged?

Each subscriber is charged on the day they subscribed, and every 30 days after.

They will be charged in the amount of the package they subscribed to including tax, if applicable in their country.

How much do I get paid from each subscription?

You the Author receive the subscription price of the package, minus 5% platform processing fee and the payment processor fee.

The payment processor fee can be seen in your CurseForge Pro dashboard under Payments>Payment Methods.

How do I cashout my monthly earnings?

You can withdraw your payments via PayPal, direct bank transfer in most countries (see list below) or wire transfer. This is done from your Tebex dashboard, and

Which files can I upload as Early Access?

Any files which you would normally upload for your project can be set for early access.

Please note that some games do not allow early access, or have some restrictions on what type of content is allowed to be behing early access.

How long can a file be in Early Access?

Currently the maximum amount a file can be in early access is up to 4 weeks from the time you've uploaded your file. After that time the file will go public automatically without any manual setting required on your end.