Welcome to the era of cross-platform modding! 

With the connection between CurseForge for Studios (CF4S) and ARK: Survival Ascended (ASA), we are introducing various new concepts and entities to support a fantastic creation experience for the new ARK game.

The list of relevant entities includes:

  • ARK's Game Devkit - The ARK Devkit is a streamlined Unreal Engine 5 Editor version that simplifies the mod creation and sharing process for ARK: Survival Ascend. The new Devkit is utilizing advanced Unreal Engine 5 features, such as Lumen lighting system and Nanite Geometry Visualization, so you can create stunning, high-detailed assets, with no concerns about performance and optimizations.
    You can find the Devkit Here
  • CurseForge website - You can edit the project's page, manage the description, images, project members, and more on the CurseForge website. Changes made on this website will impact both displayed on the website in the in-game UI
  • In-game mod discovery experience - ARK's in-game UI is an in-game mod discovery and management experience. ARK mods will be available to download and install directly from the in-game experience for all platforms, including PC (Steam), Playstation and Xbox
  • Cross-play modded game server - ARK's game servers are where all the magic comes together. The servers support a cross-platform, modded gaming experience. ARK's game servers are exclusive for Nitrado.

With the collaboration of studio Wildcard and CurseForge, we are bringing some innovation to the modding experience.
These innovations include:

  • Cross-platform modding experience - The new ARK: Survival Acsend game will include for the 1st time a cross platform modding experience. Your audience will be able to enjoy your creations on PC (Steam), Xbox and PlayStation. You have the control to choose whether you want your mod to be available on PC only or on all platforms
  • Cloud cooking capabilities - Gone are the days you needed to cook your own files and upload them manually. With ARK’s new Devkit, we are introducing the Cloud cooking capability. All you need is to build your creation on the Devkit, then use the dedicated widget to upload your mod and we will cook it automatically for you for all the relevant platforms. 
  • Testing mods on consoles pre-publish - Want to see and test your creation before sharing it with the world? Want to test it on a console? We got you covered. We allow you and up to 5 selected team members to test your creation on consoles before they are released to the public. Click here to read more about testing your mods.