Studio Wildcard's Moderation Guidelines for ARK Survival Ascended

This document outlines what Studio Wildcard considers acceptable and unacceptable content for hosted Ark: Survival Ascended content on Overwolf’s platforms. The moderation guidelines set forth below are intended to supplement CurseForge’s moderation guidelines and policies. To the extent these Moderation Guidelines conflict with CurseForge’s moderation guidelines and/or policies, the Moderation Guidelines in this document will take precedent.

Ark: Survival Ascended Moderation  

All Mods made available on CurseForge must comply with the following guidelines.

Ark: Survival Ascended mods are available cross-platform on Steam, Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC, and Playstation 5. Due to the different policies for each platform, some mods may be available on one platform but not on the other. Read below for both General and Platform specific moderation Guidelines

General Platform Moderation Guidelines

  • Project pages must include sufficient description so players can understand what they add/change in the game. In addition you must include at least 1 image that shows the content of the mod in a way that represents it appropriately.

  • Mods must not modify the game to allow for nudity, sexual content, and/or inappropriate romantic or sexual relationships.

  • Content created to simulate nudity, sexual content, or sexually explicit clothing is prohibited.
  • Content which modifies the game to allow for inappropriate or unwanted relations between characters, including but not limited to, romance/sexual activity outside of appropriate age stages, animals, is prohibited.
  • Mods must not contain content representing real world figures, societal conflicts, cultural conflicts, or political parties.
    • Real people or references to real people or public figures as content in any Mod is prohibited. 
    • Religion, religious symbols, real world histories, or other themes that discriminate or carry derogatory connotations are prohibited. 
  • Mods that display disrespect are prohibited; including mods that display hate speech based on but not limited to race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or creed.
    • Disrespect: Defined here as anything that tries to degrade, demean, insult, humiliate, or disparage a specific person or group of people.
    • Hate Speech: Defined here as any expression of prejudice against a particular group of people. Hate speech will not be tolerated in any form including but not limited to racist, sexist, ethnic, xenophobic, transphobic, homophobic, religious and disability related slurs. Similarly derogatory terms, nicknames, and slurs are prohibited.
  • Mods must not incorporate or contain any content that violates or infringes any trademark, copyright, moral rights, or other intellectual property rights of any third party, including any right of privacy or right of publicity.
    • Real world brands, brand names, logos, or any defining marks for other IP are prohibited. 
    • The names and depictions of real world locations, buildings or landmarks are prohibited. 
    • Third party-owned images, characters, voices/audio, music, and spoken and/or written words owned by a person or entity other than the Creator of the content are prohibited. 
    • Names, images, or likenesses of real world people, unless of the Creator themselves or with rights/explicit permission, are prohibited.
    • Mods can incorporate assets from ARK Survival Evolved & the DLCs. However, they cannot incorporate assets from other Studio Wildcard games (i.e. ATLAS, D&L, etc.) or upload entire DLC maps.
  • Mods must not be presented in a way which suggests they are “official”, or otherwise affiliated or endorsed by Studio Wildcard.
  • Mods must not promote, nor be sponsored by any commercial brands without explicit permission by the CurseForge team.
  • Mods must comply with Studio Wildcard’s Code of Conduct
  • Mods must not incorporate or contain any software or program that damages, interferes with or disrupts another's network, computer, or property, such as denial of service attacks, spamming, hacking, or uploading computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, cancelbots, spyware, corrupted  files and time bombs. 
  • Mods must not contain content that is abusive, hateful, harassing, profane, defamatory, threatening, obscene, sexually explicit, vulgar, offensive, indecent, illegal, or unlawful.

PC (Steam) Platform Moderation Guidelines

  • Any Free, PC (Steam) Only mod that is submitted to the platform will be immediately approved and can be published by the author. At any point after the mod is live, the moderation team may ask for changes on the mod page or content of the mod itself. This may involve taking the mod down before changes are made and approved.

  • Any Mod that is uploaded that requires a purchase to download, will go through moderation before going live.

Playstation 5 Platform Moderation Guidelines

  • Any mod that includes a Playstation version must go through moderation before going live.

  • Max File size - 2Gb

Xbox Series X/S and Windows PC Platform Moderation Guidelines

  • Any mod that includes an Xbox version must go through moderation before going live.

  • Max File size - 2Gb

Any Mod which violates these guidelines is prohibited from being hosted on CurseForge.