If you are residing in a country under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or CCPA (California’s Consumer Privacy Act) regulations you will be presented with the option to further manage ad related data on Overwolf.

Note: This will not remove ads themselves from Overwolf.

During the installation process you can click on "Manage" to control your consents:  

Take me to...


Under the Purpose tab you can consent or remove consent for the following options:

Clicking on the arrow will provide further information and examples of each purpose:


Under the Features tab you can view further information on matching and combing data from other data sources, linking different devices and identifying devices based in information transmitted automatically:


Under the Vendors tab you can consent or withdraw consent from vendors using Overwolf:

Clicking on the arrow next to each vendor will provide further information about the vendor and a link to their Device Storage Disclosure: 

Once you have reviewed the choices under each tab and customized which vendors can access and use your information clicking on Save & Exit will proceed with the installation of Overwolf.

You can customize your Data Privacy Options within the Overwolf app as detailed here. However, it is not possible to change the consents given during the installation process while Overwolf is still installed.

If you would like to change these settings please perform a clean installation of Overwolf