Subscription to CurseForge Premium are now handled by Tebex. This allows us to add more plans as well as discounted yearly payment options in the future.

CurseForge premium offers the following additional features :

  • Ad removal from the CurseForge app (This includes the Overwolf, Standalone, Mac & Linux versions of the CurseForge app.)
  • Additional app layouts and custom themes
  • Supports the CurseForge developers and authors

CurseForge premium does not include priority support, priority project moderation or removal of adverts from the CurseForge website. The option to remove adverts from the CurseForge website will be available in the future. 

Note: If you’re currently subscribed, you don’t have to switch to Tebex yet, but we recommend you to do it in the near future.

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How to start a new subscription with Tebex

If you do not have a current subscription to CurseForge premium please open the CurseForge app and click on Premium:

If you are not signed in you will need sign in and relaunch CurseForge:

You will then be prompted to fill in your details and payment details on Tebex:

You will receive a notification that the order has been completed and the subscription has been activated:

Additionally, you will receive a confirmation and receipt by email from

After subscribing you should get the following prompt when opening CurseForge:

And access to the subscription page:

Note: The subscription will only be active while you are logged in to your CurseForge account on the app.

How to switch an existing subscription to Tebex

Please note that if you have an existing subscription through the Xsolla services it can only be used on the Overwolf version of CurseForge and not the standalone version.

If you have an existing subscription to CurseForge premium it will show under the Subscription tab in the Overwolf settings:

And you will receive a receipt from Xsolla ( every 30 days:

In this case please wait until the end of the current subscription. 

You can click on "Don't renew" to end the automatic renewal of the Xsolla based subscription at any point. However, it will still be active until the end of the subscription period mentioned in the app. 

Once the previous Xsolla subscription period has ended you can subscribe through Tebex using the steps here: How to start a new subscription with Tebex

I need help with the Tebex subscription

If you have any concerns or inquiries about the checkout process, including support for the CurseForge premium subscription, please don't hesitate to contact Tebex support at


The Tebex team will be happy to assist you and provide any necessary support.

How to change the payment method/unsubscribe

If you would like to change the payment method or unsubscribe please open the CurseForge app, click on the Premium tab and Manage Subscriptions:

You will be prompted to log in to Tebex using the email you used when subscribing or using your CurseForge account:

Once you are logged in you can view your payments:

The Subscription tab will allow you to view your current subscriptions:

Click on Manage to change the payment method or cancel your subscription: