The CurseForge app is currently in Beta, and there are many changes and fixes still ongoing.
As we continue improving and stabilizing the app, we will make sure to add more content to this article. In the meantime, we appreciate your understanding and we're happy to provide support here and over the CurseForge Discord server!


Installed mod is not detected

The CurseForge app is connected to the same repository as the CurseForge website, and allows many mod authors to upload their projects to it and share it with the world!

If you're using a mod that cannot be found in the CurseForge app or website, it can mean:

  1. That the mod is pending review by CurseForge's moderators, and should be available once it's approved (check out the working hours of the moderation team here).
  2. The project is not available in the repository, and therefore will not be detected by the CurseForge app.

Why don't certain mods get uploaded to CurseForge?

Mods and addons in the CurseForge repository are submitted and managed directly by their creators. 

Some authors prefer to host their addons and mods in other sources, in which case their projects will not be available in CurseForge.

If you would like to see an addons or mods you enjoy in CurseForge, contact the authors and submit a request to them.

"This addon might be corrupt" Warning

You may notice this warning message for certain addons that you currently have installed. This warning indicates that the installed addon does not match the game's current instance, or that there may be something wrong with the addon's files.

To resolve this issue, simply right click the addon and choose 'Reinstall' (or 'Update'):

If reinstalling the mod didn't help, please delete it, make sure you are currently set on the right instance (if you have more than one installed), search for the mod and install it again. If you are unable to find the mod when searching for it, it means that it's not available for your currently set instance, and is meant to be installed for a different one.

Need help resolving the 'corrupt' warning? Contact us and we will do our best to assist you!

*You may notice the 'corrupt' warning being displayed despite the addon(s) working properly in-game. We are currently investigating this.

**Please note that mods in 'Modified' or 'Working Copy' states will not get automatically updated. This is not an issue, but rather made intentionally in order to protect these mods' files from getting overwritten or deleted by updates.