Sometimes you might not want to upload your pack to CurseForge as a project, and you may just want to share it with your friends. Alternatively, you may have downloaded a pack either via CurseForge or from a private location for a team server or a friend's server. This article will help you with both.

Exporting a modpack

Exporting is as easy as clicking the Minecraft Tab in the CurseForge Client clicking the modpack profile that you want to export, and clicking the context menu in the top right corner. From this menu, select "Export Profile".


Clicking this will bring up the following window. Generally, if you are just sharing your modpack without worlds, you should only check config and mods. Clicking "Okay" here will ask you where you want to save to and then package your modpack up into an easily importable format for your friends or family. Once you have the ZIP, you can share this with whomever! If you have a private server, feel free to share this profile with your players! You can use any number of free file sharing applications to easily provide other users easy access to this ZIP.

Importing an exported modpack

If this is something you would like to share with the world, you can always follow our project tutorials and modpack submission tutorial to place it on CurseForge as a project. Obviously, this article is for if that's not something you want, or if it just seems like too much trouble. No problem! Importing is even easier than exporting.

First, click the Minecraft Tab and look for the "Create a Custom Profile" button. If you look towards the top, you will see a link to instead "Import" a profile:

Clicking this button will prompt you to select a file. Navigate to the profile that you would like to import. This will automagically install that modpack as a new profile under the Minecraft tab. You don't have to set anything else up, it will install the modpack just as if you had used the Twitch App modpack browser to install it.

That's it! Hopefully, this helps clear up any confusion regarding how to export and import packs without uploading to CurseForge!