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I can't add the game to the app ▾

Please make sure to choose the game's directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\_retail_\, for example, or /Applications/World of Warcraft/_retail_/ in macOS systems) and not the game file itself.

How do I install an addon specifically for Retail/BCC/Classic? ▾

If you have more than one World of Warcraft flavor installed, you will notice a dropdown menu next to the 'Run Game' button:

Let's say you want to install a certain addon for WoW Classic - 

First, select 'Classic' from the dropdown menu, then click 'Featured' or 'Browse':

You can also type in the name of an addon in the search bar and press 'Enter' to initiate the search:

Click the 'Install' button next to your preferred addon and that's it! 

Once the installation is finished you can click the WoW icon in the sidebar and view your installed addon:

I reinstalled/about to reinstall World of Warcraft. How can I make sure all my addons and their settings are saved? ▾

There are two ways to save your addons in order to restore them after reinstalling the game:

  1. Creating a Sync Profile - A Sync Profile will allow you to sync your addon between different computers in case you are reinstalling the game on a different device. 
  2. Creating a backup of the game's 'Addons' folder/s.

I'm looking for a specific addon, but can't find it in the website/app ▾

If you're unable to find an addon in the CurseForge website or app, it can mean:

  1. That the mod is pending review by CurseForge's moderators, and should be available once it's approved (check out the working hours of the moderation team here).
  2. The addon had not been uploaded to the CurseForge repository
    Mods and addons in the CurseForge repository are submitted and managed directly by their creators.
    Some authors prefer to host their addons and mods in other sources, in which case their projects will not be available in CurseForge.

    If you would like to see an addons or mods you enjoy in CurseForge, contact the authors and submit a request to them.

"This addon might be corrupt" Warning ▾

You may notice this warning message for certain addons that you currently have installed. This warning indicates that the installed addon does not match the game's current instance, or that there may be something wrong with the addon's files.

To resolve this issue, simply right click the addon and choose 'Reinstall' (or 'Update'):

If reinstalling the mod didn't help, please delete it, make sure you are currently set on the right instance (if you have more than one installed), search for the mod and install it again. If you are unable to find the mod when searching for it, it means that it's not available for your currently set instance, and is meant to be installed for a different one.

Need help resolving the 'corrupt' warning? Contact us and we will do our best to assist you!

*You may notice the 'corrupt' warning being displayed despite the addon(s) working properly in-game. We are currently investigating this.

**Please note that mods in 'Modified' or 'Working Copy' states will not get automatically updated. This is not an issue, but rather made intentionally in order to protect these mods' files from getting overwritten or deleted by updates.

***As of May 19th, 2021 a new instance of the game named 'Burning Crusade Classic' - These instructions are relevant for this new instance as well. Follow the Tooltip box instructions and click 'Update All'.

How do I use the Sync feature? ▾

The Sync feature allows you to sync your addon installations between 2 (or more) devices.

Creating a sync profile ▾

  1. Log in with your Twitch account by clicking the button in the side menu

  2. Click 'Sync'

  3. Check the box for 'Enable AddonSync', type a name for your new profile and click 'Create'

  4. Your currently installed addons will be automatically synced to the profile. You can view the last sync time, initiate a sync and select additional settings

    Please note that the 'Backup' option is not available yet.

  5. If you wish your additional flavors' addons to be synced to the same profile, select the flavor, click 'Sync', choose the profile that you created and click 'Join'

    Then 'Upload'

    All your synced flavors will be listed in the sync profile

Adding a device to an existing profile ▾

To connect to your sync profile from a different device, please follow these steps:

  1. Enable the addons sync

  2. Select your existing profile, click 'Join' and then click either 'Download' or 'Upload'

  3. Your profile will now include the new device