Moderation is a process which involves automation and human-review with the primary goal of keeping the CurseForge space fun, safe and engaging.

  • Projects should add value to players while respecting the game creators and the game itself.
  • Projects should not encourage any sort of discrimination, in any way.
  • CurseForge follows game developers EULA and ToS, and so should your projects. This is true for content and functionality alike.
  • Your project should contain distinct content and assets, including in its name, avatar, summary and description. If your project is a fork of another project - credit the original creator and make sure forking is allowed to begin with.
  • Learn and review our moderation policies for more concrete do’s and don'ts.
  • Moderation is done under our best efforts. You can appeal a rejection, ask for more clarification or report a project if you feel they are inappropriate, and are reminded to respect the moderators at all times. 
  • It is strongly recommended that you enable a communication channel with your audience to allow bug reporting and feature requests as well as feedback.
  • CurseForge supports authors by ads and subscriptions which do not interfere with the players’ in-game experience. We expect the same from the authors who submit projects to the platform.

We recommend reviewing our author support section and articles for more information regarding project requirements, submissions and moderation.