Moderation is a process which involves automation and human-review with the primary goal of keeping the CurseForge space fun, safe and engaging.
To read more about our moderation values - see our Guidelines article.

What happens in Moderation?

CurseForge has a large collection of mods which all went through a series of processor, automated checks and manual reviewing.

While we cannot disclose and document the exact things we look for to avoid abuse of the system, we put in great efforts to make sure CurseForge is a safe, fun and engaging space for authors and users alike.

In the instances that a project or file was approved but raises an issue (On the content or technical level), the original owner of that content can make a claim by following these guidelines and citing the reason for us to review again.
In case that users feel there is an inappropriate project that passed moderation, they can report it via the reporting function in website. We also invite users to use the ticketing system if you encounter a problematic file, and open an issue with supporting information. 

The bottom line is that using CurseForge (Website or app) is safe and widely regarded as the most accountable source for mods and addons.

You can enjoy our library without worry :)

What happens when a project doesn't qualify?

If your project submission received a reply that changes are required, or that it was rejected altogether - This guide should help you understand the reasoning better.

Note that these messages are generated either automatically from dedicated bot-users, or by the moderator staff. You can identify a staff member by the Admin tag on their user profile.

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For specific moderation policies for The Sims 4 - Go here
For specific moderation policies for ARK Survival Ascended - Go here

Moderation Policies

Policy #Name    Description 
1.1    Invalid LocalizationAll files must be localized properly
1.2Corrupted FilesAll files must be readable (not corrupt)
1.3Invalid DescriptionYour Project/Modpack description must accurately describe the purpose and function of your project/modpack. Be descriptive with what it includes or changes within the game.
1.4Not In EnglishNames and Descriptions must be in English, or have an English translation.
1.5Name Contains InformationNames should not contain game name, game versions, or file versions.
1.6Inappropriate ProjectProjects that either do not appear to be the correct content for the current category, game, or adult content in an age restricted game category or are otherwise deemed inappropriate by moderation.
For Minecraft as an example, NSFW and 18+ content is prohibited (nudity, adult substances, etc.)
1.7Abandoned ProjectProject must be updated at least once every 12 months. Elsewise, it will be considered abandoned.
1.8Invalid LayoutWoW-like game addons require a certain file structure to work. If this is incorrect, the addon will not load
1.9Blacklisted FilesYour project can not contain any blacklisted files.
1.10Third Party DownloadsWe do not allow descriptions with external download links.
2.1    Missing Manifest/ Project Incorrectly DerivativeModpacks must be created with the CurseForge App, and must include a valid manifest.json
2.2Unknown ModsMods that are not hosted on CurseForge and are not listed in the Non-CurseForge Approved list cannot be included in modpacks.
2.3Modpack file sizeModpack primary files can not be larger than 2GB
2.4Server FilesYour file hierarchy must allow for proper functionality. Server files must be uploaded as child files.
2.5Removed from CurseForgeAll files within a modpack must exist on CurseForge
2.6.aCurseForge Files IncludedFiles already hosted on CurseForge should be included by adding them through CurseForge App, and not manually adding them to the zip file.
2.6.bManually Modified Manifest
Edits to the manifest that the CurseForge App generates for a modpack are not allowed.
2.7Modpack Inadequate Description
Modpacks require a bare minimum description that at least gives an idea of what the modpack is about. Saying the pack improves the vanilla experience/adds something to the game/other vague descriptions will not be allowed
2.8Restricted LicenseFiles must be licensed appropriately for distribution unless the Author has explicitly uploaded the files to CurseForge
3.1    Texture Pack Missing SampleTexture Packs/Resource Packs must have a sample image.
3.2    Including Spigot/BukkitSpigot/Bukkit JARS should never be included in a plugin download
3.3    Invalid .tocWow-like game addons require a toc file.

Rejected Projects

Cases in which the entire project is rejected, and in some cases you may be banned from submitting more projects.

  • Inappropriate or Not Real: You may think it's funny to upload porn videos in zip format. We do not. Uploading non game content under the pretence that it is game content will get a project rejected. Depending on what you put in the file you may be banned permanently.
  • Plagiarism: Don't steal. Do not upload work that does not belong to you. Unless you have explicit permission from the Owner. You must also include due credit. You will most likely be banned for breaking these rules.
  • Third Party Installation Utility: It is incredibly rare that we allow .exe files and third party launchers/installers to be uploaded. You won't be banned but the project will be rejected.
  • Uploaded another Author's work: This means you uploaded something that might allow cloning but you didn't make any functional in-game changes. You won't be banned but it is highly frowned upon. Continuing to attempt to upload cloned projects with no changes will get you upgraded to Plagiarism.
  • Information Collection- It is not allowed to collect any personal information from users using a CC/Mod. That includes but not limited to: IP, Personal machine details, Location, etc...

    Any mod which will be found to violate this will be taken down until the author can fix it. The scope of this may depend on the relevant game and its developers policies.

Rejected Files

Files can be rejected for a multitude of reasons. Below are the list of reasons, and how to fix them.

  • Duplicate file: This is the most common. We use an md5 based system to check and ensure each file is unique. Most often unzipping and re-zipping the project then re-uploading will solve this issue. The file processor is saying that the electronic signature on the file is the same as another file already in the system.
  • Contains thumbs.db, __MACOSX or .DS_Store: This tends to happen when there are so many of these files in the folder that it's overwhelming the system. Just a few will probably go through, over 50 and your file may be sent back to have them removed.
  • Individual Files: Upload .zip , .jar not the files inside the folder. The only exception is Kerbal Space Program. The Shareables section will allow you to upload individual .craft files.
  • Invalid Archive: The .zip or .jar got corrupted somewhere. Or you upload a .rar or some other special extension. 
  • Mod Statistics Included: Kerbal Space Program ONLY: This is a file that includes another file that Squad has stated is not allowed inside other .zips. You will have to upload a new file without Mod Statistics
  • For more information about File Statuses and information regarding how to fix common issues:

Changes Required

  • Needs a better description: "It adds stuff"/"for me and my friends" are not a description. Add a few lines about what your project does.
  • 'Vanilla': this word is vastly used in the modding space. There are literally dozens of variations of 'Vanilla+' named projects, hence this word is now blacklisted from being part of a name.
  • Project Avatar: All projects except API/Libraries require a default image/logo/avatar to be approved. This cannot be a blank avatar and cannot be a solid single colour one either.
  • Source Required: (Kerbal Space Program ONLY) Squad requires that all mods contain the source code. 
  • Not in English: While we love our foreign fans, this site and most of its users speak English, therefore all projects must contain an English description and summary. You can include other languages in addition.
  • Punctuation and Grammar: "iz g8 plz use kthnx"  is not acceptable, you have almost unlimited characters, use some of them. Typos are allowed, but we recommend checking for spelling mistakes and proper grammar using text editor software. 
  • Third Party Download Link: We do not accept projects that have a direct link to a third party download. 
  • Texture Pack Preview: Texture packs and texture replacements require a preview image of the textures. 
  • KSP Part pack with Third Party Plugin: (Kerbal Space Program ONLY) Part packs should not include plugins that don't belong to you.

Fix the issue in the message sent to you and the mod will be resubmitted for approval.