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What happens in Moderation?
CurseForge has a large collection of mods which all go through a series of processors, automated checks, and manual reviewing.
The team works hard to prevent abuse of the platform and puts in great efforts to make sure CurseForge is a safe, fun, and engaging space for authors and players alike.

In case you feel there is an inappropriate project that passed moderation, you can report it via the reporting function in the website. We also invite you to use the ticketing system if you encounter a problematic file, and open an issue with supporting information.

In the instances that a project or file was approved but raises a copyright question (On the content or technical level), the original owner of that content can make a claim by following these guidelines and citing the reason for us to review again.
This process is what makes CurseForge the safest and most trusted source for mods.

What happens when a project doesn't qualify?

If your project submission received a reply that changes are required, or that it was rejected altogether - This guide should help you understand the reasoning better.

Note that these messages are generated either automatically by the system, or by the moderator staff. You can identify a staff member by the Admin tag on their user profile.

DO NOT delete your project or file and try to upload it all again to solve a rejection message, it will only make things more complicated for everyone :)

General Guidelines

  • Projects should add value to players while respecting the game creators and the game itself.
  • Projects should not encourage any sort of discrimination, in any way.
  • CurseForge follows game developers EULA and ToS, and so should your projects. This is true for content and functionality alike.
  • Your project should contain distinct content and assets, including in its name, avatar, summary and description. If your project is a fork of another project and allowed by their license - credit and link the original creator and make sure forking is allowed to begin with.
  • Moderation is done under our best efforts. You can appeal a rejection, ask for clarification or report a project if you feel they are inappropriate, and are reminded to be respectful at all times. 
  • It is strongly recommended that you enable a communication channel with your audience to allow bug reporting and feature requests as well as feedback.
  • CurseForge supports authors by ads and subscriptions which do not interfere with the players’ in-game experience. We expect the same from the authors who submit projects to the platform.
  • Projects on CurseForge are first and foremost for the CurseForge community.

    Therefore, it is essential that each project provides comprehensive information about its mod functionality, support, and relevant content directly on CurseForge.

    Any promotional or non-descriptive content and information, including but not limited to: 

    • Server hosting affiliate banners
    • Personal donations (such as ko-fi, Patreon, etc..)
    • Personal websites
    • Cross-hosting or portfolio pages leading outside of the platform

      must appear at the bottom of the page, following the project description.
      In addition, any such content must be of reasonable size and relevant content so as to not overwhelm the description page and distract users from the project's relevant information.

      It is allowed to use dependency badges or functional link badges at the top similar to the below for cross-hosting/social linking purposes but those must not include any promotional material.  

We recommend reviewing our author support section and articles for more information regarding project requirements, submissions and moderation.

General CurseForge Moderation Policies

Clear and Informative DescriptionYour description should include what your project adds or changes in the game. If it is a fork, you must describe what has changed from the original and you cannot copy the description of the original project.

The description can include descriptive and storytelling langauge, but it must also contain functional information so the players know what your mod does.

Avoid using generic terms: "Changes the core/vanilla game" or "adds items to the game" is not enough.
Clear SummaryYour Summary is like a tldr for your Description. You can provide a more high level general description here, preferably no longer than 1 sentence.
Try to avoid copying the same text from the description.
English contentNames must be in English.
Descriptions and Summaries can have other languages in addition, but must have English translations that appear before other languages.
Name - functional InformationNames should not contain game name, versions, file versions ect.... Any technical information belongs in the description or relevant file tagging.
Project AvatarAvatars must not be solid colors, contain anything NSFW or copyrighted imagery.
All avatars need to be 400x400 pixels.
Note - There is a known bug currently with webp formats, avoid using those
Inappropriate ProjectProjects that either do not appear to be the correct content for the current category, game, or adult content in an age restricted game or otherwise deemed inappropriate by moderation.
NSFW and 18+ content would normally be prohibited (nudity, adult substances, etc.)
Third Party DownloadsExternal download links for files are not allowed.
Texture Pack Missing SampleTexture Packs/Resource Packs or other visual mods must have a sample image showing accurate in-game representation of the content.
Content CopyrightIf you upload a project that is using copyrighted content from other registered works or belonging to other authors on the platform, you must either be allowed to do so under their respective license or have explicit permission to do so. Either way getting permission from the content owner is recommended, and a proper credit is also required.

Accounts found to be abusing this can be subject to a permanent ban.
Anti-GriefingContent that is used to harass, descriminate or negatively impact players in-game in anyway is not allowed.
Fair Play
It is not allowed to upload multiple similar and/or low effort projects in an attempt to game the system.

Minecraft specific Moderation Policies

Modpack formatModpacks must be created with the CurseForge App, with the correct format.
Read more about this here: Exporting a Modpack for Submission
Zip formatsAny files uploaded in an archived folder must be in .zip format. .rar or .7z aren't supported by the system. You also can't rename a .rar archive to .zip you must zip it

Any zipped formats need to not include root folders but zip the contents directly
Non-CurseForge ModsMods that are not hosted on CurseForge and are not listed in the Non-CurseForge Approved list cannot be included in modpacks.
You can request to add a mod via the form linked in the list.
Server FilesTo upload a server pack you must upload the file as an "Additional File" to your relevant main pack file.
Removed from CurseForgeAll files within a modpack -for CF hosted mods- must exist and be approved on CurseForge. Files or projects that have been deleted or archived cannot be used in new packs
Manually Modified ManifestEdits to the manifest that the CurseForge App generates for a modpack are not allowed.
Mod Loader compatabilityModpacks must include mods with the matching Mod Loader only. Even if those mods may work in-game, that is not normally the case, and the system has no way to know which.
It is up to the mod author to tag their mods with all compatible mod loaders

The Sims 4 specific Moderation Policies

General Maxis guidelinesSee related article
Unnecessary files

CC/Mod files should not include preview images, txt instructions or any files that aren't functionally required for the mods.
These just clutter the modding folders for players. Preview images should instead be uploaded to the project page. Any message to players should be added to the project's description.
File upload format
When uploading files you must zip them. Even if its a single .package file
Proper file typesEach root category has it's own type of files supported:
  • Build / Buy : .package
  • Create a Sim: .package
  • Mods: .package and .ts4script
  • Pets: .package
  • Rooms / Lots: .bluprint, .trayitem, and at least one .BPI or .HHI file for houses. Rooms must contain .trayitem and .room files
  • Save Files: .save
  • Sims / Households: Household binary, trayitem, and at least one .SGI or .HHI file
  • Worlds: .package, .save and .ini
Proper categorizationEach type of CC/Mods belong in specific root categories(or Class). This is to ensure proper search and installation by the client

  • Mods- Suitable for game-changing mods, overrides, poses, load screens, new functional objects and traits.
  • CAS- Meant for 'CAS' items only- Clothing, makeup, presets, body and face sliders, etc.. Fully built Sims don't belong here.
  • Rooms/ Lots- Fully made rooms, houses, or community lots.
  • Build/ Buy- Only items for building mode like floors, windows, wallpapers etc... and buy mode like beds, couches, sets of items.
  • Sims/ Households- Fully made Sims and household members (including pets)
  • Worlds- Shaders, general worlds non-playable deco items.
  • Pets- CAS items for pets, and shaders or overrides to retexture pets.
  • Save file- Empty worlds, edits to worlds, story worlds.

Ark: Survival Ascended specific Moderation Policies

General Studio Wildcard guidelinesSee related article