In this article we will cover some of the background that led to the development of the CurseForge API, as well as directing where you can apply for a key to start creating your awesome project!

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About the CurseForge API

A popular request from day one was to create a well documented and formal API for CurseForge. In October 2021 we announced that this will soon be made available for the community, and with that it will retire the reverse-engineered documentation.

The API is a service we are committed to provide to the community to create new and improved tools as the modding environment grows.

CurseForge is more than a free-hosting-service, it’s a home for modding that offer moderation, monetization, author and user technical support, backend and server handling — and all of these are powered by a team of people fully committed to the modding concept, as well as Overwolf’s passion to make modding a viable profession, part of the creator economy.
We welcome additional feedback and questions, these help us constantly improve.

For API features and requests we would like to ask your assistance by making your suggestions public in the idea suggestion board for community discussion and voting.

How to Apply for an API Key

We're going to use the commonly used API system, which means API access will be granted to each requester as a unique key which can be generated after 3rd party developers submit an application. This can be done through a form and reviewed by the Overwolf team.

The form covers contact information, project description, links and coursed, expected API use etc.
To complete the form also requires approving the 3rd Party Developers API Terms of Service.
Upon Overwolf review and approval, the unique key will be generated and the developer will be contacted via email.

What will our team look for in the application?

  • How it impacts on Authors’ earnings
  • How it affects CurseForge’s servers and CDN
  • How it takes Authors’ consent when it comes to third party distribution of their creations