Interested in offering your community unique perks and looking for help on how to set up your page, packages and more? Look no further!

If you're looking for some more details on what this can offer to you and your community, read our FAQ here.

*Note that the program is currently in closed beta. If you haven't received an email about joining, you'll be able to once it is released live.

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Set up your custom profile page

1. First login to your Author dashboard

2. Look to your side menu, at the bottom you should see a link to take you to the CF Pro platform

3. Choose how to sign up to CF Pro. Available options are Twitch, Gmail or Discord.

Important note - Make sure you register with an account that has the same email as your CurseForge account. If you register with an account with a different email, it will not properly link to your CurseForge account.

Additionally if your CurseForge (currently Twitch) account doesn't have an email, it will also not work. Please make sure to update your twitch account with a relevant email.

If you're having issues or questions with this, please contact our support

4. After registration is complete, you should be on your CF Pro dashboard. To start designing your page, go on the side bar to Profile>Appearance

Note that currently the page is offline. After you're done customizing your page by following the steps below, you'll need to go into Appearance>Visibility. Click configure and toggle the page to not be hidden

5. Here you can customize your profile image, bio, edit images and colors on your profile
Note - For the Header Image best look, upload at 1920x368 resolution

Set up your packages

Packages are the bundles containing the perks and tiers your community subscribes to.

1. On your Pro Dashboard go on the side bar to Packages

2. Click on "Create a package" under tiers if you have none, or "ADD NEW PACKAGE" on the top right

3. Choose your package’s name, description, cover image and price (monthly) in USD.

Note - To make sure the images look best, upload them at 392x160 resolution

4. To add early access content on CurseForge, choose “CURSEFORGE EARLY ACCESS” under the options below.

5. Choose the number of days you want to allow Early Access on this tier.

For example if your file is on early access for 4 weeks, and you set up a package for 14 days, then subscribers to this package will have access to the file 2 weeks before the end of the early access period for that file.

6. If you wish to add Discord integration perks to your subscribers, choose "Discord Actions" on a new package or choose "Add Deliverable" on an existing package. Go to "Discord Servers" on the side menu of your dashboard for help on how to set up your discord integration.

7. Click CREATE and you’re done!

You can create additional packages without early access or discord options but including whatever you desire.

Note that currently it is not allowed to provide a "support only" package. If a player subscribes they must get something in return, even if it is not something that includes a package integration.

This could be access to a private newsletter, shoutouts in your project credits, or other options.

Create Early Access Files

When you upload your file, you can choose if to make it early access or not. You can also do so for existing files by editing them, but only if it hasn't been more than 4 weeks since the file upload date.

On the file upload screen simply toggle on the "Set Early Access" toggle and choose until when the file is on Early Access.

Not that a file can only be in early access for up to 4 weeks since it's upload date.