This article provides information on errors and issues that are related to the Minecraft launcher, to the game or to mods and modloader that run with it.

Since CurseForge is not the source of these errors and issues, our ability to provide solutions to them is limited, but we might be able to at least point you in the right direction.

*If you require help with errors that appear only in the CurseForge app or with issues related to it, please refer to this article: CurseForge Error Messages

**Please note that the solutions provided in this article are based only on the support team’s and on users’ experiences and troubleshooting cases, and we cannot guarantee their success or be held liable for their results.

Before checking solutions to issues with the game's launcher, please try to change the used launcher to 'Microsoft Store':

Take me to...

Minecraft Launcher

Launcher screen is blank (grey/black)

Possible solutions

  • Repair the installation

  • If you have an NVIDIA GPU - try updating or downgrading the version of your NVIDIA drivers.

Couldn't load launcher core from... / Unable to start the Minecraft Runtime Environment

Possible solutions

Can’t login to Minecraft account / getting logged in to the wrong account

This can include any of the following:

  • Error messages that show up when trying to login
  • Logging into an incorrect account/game profile
  • Launcher not detecting a Minecraft Java license or game profile

Possible solutions

  • Repair the installation

  • Delete the launcher_accounts.json file in the modding directory, under 'Install'

  • Try to login to the account in the game's website and make sure you can see your Minecraft Java profile there:

    It should show like this:

  • Check if the issue reproduces in the Minecraft legacy launcher (the same launcher that CurseForge installs).
    You can download it here:

Launching the game failed!

These are errors that often pop up after pressing 'Play' in the game's launcher, and can refer to various files and kinds of issues.

Possible solutions

"Incompatible with launcher" instead of "Play" button

Switching from "Minecraft for Windows" to "Minecraft: Java Edition" should bring you to the right place:

Can only play Demo

If you're launching a modpack but the game's button says 'Play Demo' (instead of 'Play'), like so:

Please try to log out and back in:

In-game issues (crashes, glitches, world issues, etc.)

Anything that happens after clicking 'Play' in the Minecraft launcher.

Since there's a bunch of types of issues, we will only be addressing the most common ones we've been receiving from users.

Exit code 1

This is a general error for various kinds of game crashes:

Possible solutions

Graphic glitches, sound issues, etc.

This includes any issues within the game itself, like textures glitching, incorrect colors, sounds not working properly, etc.

Possible solutions

  • Repair the installation

  • Make sure that your GPU drivers are up to date. It's best to check the manufacturer's website (NVIDIA/AMD/ Intel) because the system might not be reliable when it comes to GPU drivers.

  • Check if the issue reproduces in the vanilla Minecraft. If it doesn't, it means that the issue is likely related to installed mods.

World cannot be created/crashes

Issues with worlds can be related to the modloader, the mods or to the game itself.

Please reach out to the authors of the mod/modpack you're playing for help troubleshooting the issue.

Minecraft isn't running with my main/dedicated GPU

Please follow this guide: How to make it so Minecraft Java Edition would run on my NVIDIA GPU - Microsoft Community

For step 7 - 'Select Minecraft and click Add', please select the minecraft.exe file that is located in the 'Install' folder of your modding directory (default: C:\Users\[user]\curseforge\minecraft\Install\minecraft.exe):

Game servers

Game servers run independently of CurseForge and therefore we cannot assist with issues that are related to them.

Please reach out to the server owner or to the server-hosting service for help.

Mod/modpack/custom profile issues

This includes the functionality of mods/modpacks/custom profile in-game including crashes and errors.

Please note that we cannot help with the process of assembling mods for custom profiles or with troubleshooting them.