Where to find Terraria maps & mods

Go to the Terraria section on the CurseForge website: https://www.curseforge.com/terraria

You can view the most popular maps & mods on the website or click on "View all" to view all the available maps or mods for Terraria:

You can also search for the map or mod you would like to use and sort mods according to categories:

How to download and install Terraria maps

1. Download the map from the CurseForge website

2. Save the zip file to your desktop

3. Right click on zip file and select extract all

4. Put the extracted file in the same folder as your other terraria maps (usually C:\Users\[Your username]\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds - you can create this if it doesn't exist.)

How to download and install Terraria mods

1. Download the mod from the CurseForge website

2. Open tModLoader

3. Click on Workshop > manage mods

4. Open mods folder

5. put mods in C:\Users\[Your user]\Documents\My Games\Terraria\tModLoader\Mods

6. Relaunched tModLoader

Help the Terraria map/mod isn't working!

Our team can provide help with issues and matters that are directly related to the CurseForge website.

Anything that happens from the moment that the game is launched is not under the control of CurseForge, and therefore we cannot assist with it.

For map/mod issues, please reach out to the mod's/map's authors.
For modloader issues, please reach out to the team that develops the modloader: https://www.tmodloader.net/ 

You can also ask the modding community for help in the CurseForge Discord server.