This article shows how to enable 2-factor-authentication (2FA) which is required for placing orders in the Reward Store.

First you will need the relevant section on the CurseForge page as explained below

  1. CurseForge >Top right avatar > Settings > Reward program settings

  2. Next, click on 'Enable Two-Factor-Auth'

Follow the steps from the pop-up screen:

  1. Download an Authenticator app
    Download and install Authy or Google Authenticator or any other authentication app on your desktop, phone or tablet.
    You can set up your account using two options:

    1. Scan the QR code
      Open the authentication app and scan the QR Image that appears in the left using your phone’s camera.


    2. 2FA key (manual entry)
      a unique generated code will appear, copy it, and paste it into the authenticator service. Click 'Add Account', and Assign it a name and colour. Make sure you choose the '6-digit' option, if there are several options in the app of your choice, then hit save.. (in the images below demonstrated using Authy.)

  2. Login with your code
    Enter the 6-digit verification code generated, and click 'Activate'.
    That's it, you have now enabled your 2FA - you can now head over to the reward store, open the authenticator service you chose and enter the code to continue to checkout with your rewards, GG!

Note - you may be requested to authorize CurseForge (Overwolf) during the process and provide your consent.