Classes, Categories & Projects are the bread and butter of defining your game on CurseForge. 

Classes are the “root” categories to which mods belong to, Categories are... well, categories within classes, and projects are what authors work with when uploading content for your game.

Here’s an example:

  1. Class
  2. Category
  3. Sub-Category

Each file available on CurseForge belongs to a project. Projects can be a lot of different types of mods (such as resource packs, modpacks, individual mods, etc.), and can have multiple mod versions in multiple states ('Alpha', 'Beta', 'Release', etc.).

Projects - Uploading file types

This is where you set up the type of files you expect authors to upload for your game. The current options are either “Single file - zip format”, or “Zip file, containing folder(s)”. 

For other customized solutions, you can always reach out to us to customize something tailored to your game’s needs.