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Old API deprecation FAQ

Where Can I find the ToS?

You can find it here.

How can I apply for the API Key?

Fill out this form, reviewing generally takes a few days.

Why now? When was this announced?

The API deprecation timeline was shared a few months ago in our newsletter and roadmap.

This follows our original Medium Blog post from 2020, and our recent and past newsletters.

What are the criteria to receive an API Key?

The submission must comply with the ToS, while we consider our 3 main talking points from our 2020 Medium Blog Post:

  • Authors’ consent when it comes to third party distribution of their creations
  • How to address the impact on Authors’ earnings
  • How to lessen the impact on CurseForge’s servers and CDN
  • Keeping community projects alive and running together

Who can I contact with questions about the API?


Will you charge API users money/cut them off?

We’re currently just monitoring. In the future there may be limit rates introduce to help protect the system, and also used to set some costs for edge cases with extreme heavy use.
See our newsletter where we explained in detail.

Who can get an API key?

Community benefiting and innovating projects, as long as they comply with our ToS and provide the required information in the application.
They include auto-updaters, Discord Bots, analytic tools, mod managers, server utilities and more.

Linux / Standalone FAQ

What is the Linux Client?

We’ve released a Linux client which you can find here. In its alpha state it currently only supports WoW.

What are the features in the Linux / Standalone client?

Current - WoW only.

Planned - Everything that is available on OW version outside of any features requiring in-game overlays or events (Relevant for Windows only).

Why release the standalone now?

We decided that we're not going to deprecate before supporting Linux. As we supported Linux, we tried to technically look on how ad monetization would look like on Mac & Linux (something that we didn't yet have the bandwidth to do).

That made us realize that we can do this on windows as well, in a way the complies with industry regulations.
Once we established that there's a feasible technical solution, we decided to release an alpha which is now available.

Why do the Linux/Standalone clients support WoW only?

For initial alpha release, WoW support was the easiest to deliver quickly. Further support will be rolled out in future updates.

Linux known issues

Here are the currently known issues on the Linux or Standalone clients. All of these are planned to be fixed in coming updates.

If you find anything else, please report to us via a support ticket.

  • Switching between flavors and installing addons will cause an error

            Navigate to a different page (e.g "My Addons") and then install the desired addon.

  • Navigating to "My Addons" while installing an addon will create 3 instances of the same file

           Shouldn't impact anything besides the UI. Change to another page and back to fix it.

  • Relaunch will close the App

           Close the app and then open it manually.

  • Deleting addons and reopening CF will cause the addons to be "modified"

This is a known issue, shouldn't affect anything besides the UI itself. We are working on a fix for  the next upcoming versions.