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General ▾

  1. I logged in with Google Sign-In and my username is not what I normally have or is a weird name I don't recognize
    When creating a new account using Google, the system auto-generates a username from a names database. At this point it is not something you can change, but you can edit your Display Name from your Account settings.
  2. CurseForge Account transfer issues 
    Please contact us with your CurseForge username, Twitch username and email so we can check the issue.
  3. I was contacted by a user claiming to be a CurseForge member - how can I check if this user is legit?
    Overwolf and CurseForge employees will never ask for your password. If you were approached by one of the members you can verify their credibility by going to their user page and see if they have the 'Admin' or 'Support' tag next to their names.
    On Discord - you can verify if the user has the Overwolf staff role.
  4. I have issues/questions regarding the CurseForge Servers list page
    You can contact Tebex support for any help regarding the Servers list page.
  5. I'm trying to update my account Display Name and getting a "profanity filter" error even though I'm not using profanity
    Please reach out to our Support on this case.
  1. See our comprehensive client errors and fixes guide
    Click here for the article.
  2. Addons I added manually to the modding folder don't appear in the app
    We're aware of this behavior, if the add-on is recognized by the CurseForge App it should appear after an app restart. We are working on improving this without requiring a reset. Note that the client will only recognize mods/addons that are available on CurseForge for now.
  3. I'm getting an "Oops..." error when trying launch the client
    We have an article for that! Refer to it here.
  4. Kerbal Space Program mods don't launch properly (Folder Structure issue)
    CurseForge requires a specific folder structure to properly display and work for the end users.
    Please check in your KSP modding folder that the mod in question is installed in this format:
    C:\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\YourModFolderHere
    All of the mod contents should be in this folder.

Installation ▾

  1. The Overwolf/CurseForge installer does not launch (Windows OS)
    Please download and run the official Overwolf troubleshooter. It helps diagnose and fix problems with the Overwolf app not opening or working correctly for the first time after installation.
  2. I'm trying to download Overwolf/CurseForge but the file keeps disappearing
    If you're using some download manager that may be the issue. Try to download the client via the browser.
    Alternatively you may have a rogue Anti Virus program installed called Segurazo causing this. Refer to this article on this.

Authors ▾

  1. I encountered 2FA issues while placing an order in the store/I can't see a confirmation button in the store.
    Please review our 2FA troubleshooting article.
  2. I'm getting an "Internal Server Error" message when trying to submit a project
    Check if your Avatar/Logo image is in webp format, if so replace it with a more standard jpg/png/etc.
    webp will be supported on the new system when launched but not in legacy.
  3. My server files disappeared after uploading them
    If your server pack files are marked for manual review, there is a known bug where they don't show in the new Dashboard. You can view them in the Legacy site or wait for the file to finish manual review.
  4. The Minecraft file I uploaded was sent to be processed by the Malware Processor, is there something I need to do or fix?
    As part of new safety measures we're taking to make sure all files uploaded to CurseForge are secure we've added additional scanning steps. Unless you get a rejection msg, you don't need to perform any additional steps on your end.
    Do not try to re-upload the file, you will receive a notification once it is approved or rejected. Please note this can take a few days depending on the current queue size.
  5. I'm from Eastern Europe and having issues withdrawing through PayPal?
    Unfortunately, due to PayPal's decision to freeze activity in parts of Eastern Europe, payment through PayPal are not transferred as expected. You now have Payoneer as an option which operates in countries PayPal does not (Except Russia).
  6. I received a file rejection message and don't understand what is the problem
    Before creating a ticket, we recommend checking out our System Rejection Messages.
  7. My project and files were approved, they appear in the website but not in the app.
    Please make sure you have at least one Release file type and that the project is not set to Experimental. You are also required to tag a mod for at least one modloader (Minecraft), and an addon for at least one game version type (World of Warcraft and other games).
    If you checked and everything was set correctly, open a ticket and we'll help you.
  8. My PayPal payment transaction was cancelled - what happened?
    This happens when your account was not confirmed at the time the payment was sent from CurseForge.
    Please make sure you confirmed the account before placing your order to avoid this.
    Additionally, we are aware that PayPal Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Brazile and moroe have additional restrictions and limitations. If you are from these countries, we suggest you consider redeeming points using Amazon Gift Cards or Payoneer.
  9. Why is there a fluctuation in the daily point distribution?
    Learn more about the Reward Program in the dedicated article.
  10. The Text Editors aren't showing the texts as I set them (Description, Change Log, Pages etc.)
    There are still some differences between the text editor in the new Dashboard and the website, we are working on fixing all gaps. Feel free to report any you encounter via a ticket.
  11. Project members can be added without the members confirmation 
    This is considered abuse and harassment. We will improve the UX/UI for adding members in the website overhaul. In the meantime, if you are added involuntarily to a project please open a ticket and include the project link. Even if you leave the project our team can still review the project membership history to confirm and take required actions against the abuser.
  12. I know Multi-TOC support is here, but how do I properly set up my project to support all game instances?
    Check out our new article that covers this step by step.
  13. "The following files do not appear to belong to any mods on the approved non-CurseForge list"
    We have updated the public Google document which should now present the correct allowed mod list.
    We are reprocessing the projects and files that were submitted via tickets and will approve/reject them accordingly.
    If your file was not reviewed or was rejected for this reason - please open a ticket and link to the project page + attach the equivalent CurseForge notification:

Minecraft ▾

  1. How can I know if I'm infected with the fracturiser malware and if I am safe to play?
    Please refer to our article to read about the situation, and how to check if you are safe.
  2. My Minecraft game is crashing to desktop when launching or when entering my world
    If you have an AMD PC component, please make sure your drivers are up to date. You can find your AMD drivers here. If you're still having issues, you'll need to contact AMD support.
  3. I'm getting an "invalid file" error when trying to import a modpack in the client
    Make sure you're trying to import a modpack that was exported directly from the client.
    You cannot import a zipped folder full of mods. The import must be the recognized modpack format
    Read more here.
  4. I need help setting up/running server-packs
    We recommend reaching out to the community or server hosting suppliers for help and instructions.
  5. I'm having issues logging in to Microsoft version of Minecraft through the CurseForge launcher. 
    Refer to our Troubleshooting guide to repair your installation.


  1. My addons incorrectly appear as modified
    Note - modified files should still load correctly in-game, you can read more about this here.
  2. Sync feature
    Sync feature is meant for syncing your addons between multiple devices, and not as a backup. You need to be logged in in both devices to use the feature. You can read more about how to use the sync feature here.
    Note - your addon saved variables do not sync.

The Sims 4 ▾

  1. Why am I not seeing The Sims 4 on the CurseForge client?
    If the client doesn't detect your game automatically - Please refer to this article.
    If you're still having issues, please open a support ticket.
  2. How can I upload addons to my file?
    You can add Additional Files to your main file by clicking the file name in your Files tab, and then click the "Upload Additional Files".
    Note that right now those addons won't be downloadable via the client, but we will add that option after the first beta
  3. I can't find my installed CC/Mod in the client
    If you downloaded a Mod or CC via the client then moved the files manually to a different folder, the client will not recognize them as CurseForge Installed anymore but as local mods. Meaning no updates or additional meta-data from CurseForge.

Ark: Survival Ascended ▾

  1. I can't see my projects in CurseForge after uploading them from the DevKit
    When logging into CurseForge, make sure that you are logging with a user that is linked to the same email you entered in the DevKit. This applies even if you're using Twitch or Discord. Email is the unique account identifier on the CurseForge system and therefore it must match what you used in the DevKit.
  2. My mods aren't working in my or a certain server
    For any issues with server mods or running mods on servers, please reach out to Nitrado support. In case of a private server not hosted on Nitrado please reach out to the relevant server host.
  3. I'm not able to install mods in-game - Getting an error during mod installation or the install gets stuck
    For any issues with in-game mods installation please reach out to WildCard support forum at: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/bugs/ 

Other Games ▾

  1. Why can't I find all the games available in the website on the CurseForge Client?
    We are looking to add more game support in the future. This also depends on the games specific modding file structures.
  2. CurseForge app does not support Microsoft Store games
    These game versions are slightly different in file structure and are not yet supported by Overwolf client which is required for CurseForge. We are working on this.
  3. Kerbal Space Program incorrect file structure
    See Authors section.

If you wish to report an issue that is not listed here, please open a ticket describing the issue in as much detail as you can (including logs and relevant screenshots). Otherwise, you can report the issue or share your general feedback in the CurseForge Ideas site.

Thank you for your understanding and contribution to the new CurseForge app :)
Overwolf Support